Disney Channel Ident.

disney channelImage by rustybrick via Flickr

Disney Channel Ident.

The Disney Channel Ident, is one of the most popular things about the Disney Channel. The Ident, is the small part in between the programmes, which shows the Disney Channel Logo, in different ways. The usually change when a new Disney Movie is released, or a new show is starting.

Some of the most popular ones, seem to be The "Bolt" one and, the Original Disney Channel Ident.
We are going to take a look at some really cool Disney Channel Idents, some of them, you may not have seen before.

Here is the "Bolt", Ident.

The Original Disney Channel Ident.

Paper Airplane Ident.

These are just some of the hundreds of Disney Channel Idents, that have been shown over the years. I will post the new ones, as soon as they are on screen.