Good Look Charlie Catch Up

Are you a Good Luck Charlie Fan?

Have you missed an episode of Good Luck Charlie on The Disney Channel? This show which has hit our screens in the last year has become a huge hit in the US and the UK. You can watch many episodes of the show on The Disney Channel and online using You Tube.

Good Luck Charlie Catch Up clips are online in a couple of places. The Disney Channel has many good videos from the show.+

The show stars Bridget Mendler and many more. You mat have been watching the show, and missed a few episodes, so its good to know what you can see online. On You Tube you can watch many good clips from the show, including behind the scenes videos, music videos and much more.

Below you will find a clip from the show, and a few more may appear soon if you check back.


You may be pleased to know that a 3rd series of Good Luck Charlie will be on The Disney Channel in 2012, but the date and times have yet to be confirmed. Check back so for the latest information on the show and when it will be on your screens with a new series.